The support team has been made aware of OTG2 for Chromebooks not being available in Google Play Store.

However, this is not affecting normal operation if you have OTG2 for Chromebooks already installed.

We are working with Google to reinstate OTG 2 for Chromebooks on the Google Play Store.

Once we have an update from Google on reinstating OTG on the Play Store we will supply an update here. 

UPDATE - 12th May

We continue to work with google to rectify the download of OTG for Chromebooks. 

UPDATE - 25th May

OTG for Chromebooks is now available via Private App sharing.


Current Chromebook app docs



  • If you currently have the ‘WebTitan OTG’ app added to an org where you want to add this app (perhaps you have added new devices/users to the organization unit), we advise removing the app before installing this new one.
  • Provide your Google Admin Customer ID to Titan HQ.


Steps to deploy the new App:

  1. Follow the steps in the current documentation, when you get to searching for the app to add to your organization unit (, search for “WebTitan Chromebook OTG”.
  2. All other steps from the documentation will be the same.


 Where is my Google Admin Customer ID

  • Customer ID (sometimes known as Organisation ID). This can be found on the Google Admin console under Account -> Account Settings

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How to remove an app:

  1. In your google admin console, go to Devices -> Chrome ->Apps & Extensions -> Users & browsers.
  2. Select the organization unit you want to remove the app from
  3. Select the app
  4. On the right select the bin icon
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