TitanHQ support are aware of SharePoint.com being classified as “Computers & Technology” and “Download Sites”. This was previously categorised as only “Computers & Technology”. If you are experiencing issues accessing SharePoint this is due to your policy blocking the “Download Sites” category. To rectify this error please:


  1. Add SharePoint.com to the allow list
  2. Include subdomains to the new allow list entry


Add to 4.16 and earlier: https://docs.titanhq.com/en/5926-allowed-domains.html

Add to V5+: https://support.titanhq.com/en/33016-add-your-global-domains.html 

We are working on this categorisation of Download Sites for the domain sharepoint.com.

UPDATE 22/2/23

We continuously review all categorisations to improve granularity, accuracy and security with the aim that we supply the most up to date and accurate results.  Sharepoint now falls into Download Sites along with Computer and Technology, this is because of the "One Drive" storage component that the service includes. We are continuing to review this categorisation.