If a TLS root certificate has not been installed and a user visits an HTTPS-enabled website that is blocked by a policy, their browser will return a certificate error page instead of a WebTitan block page. This can be confusing for the user. To avoid this, download and import the WebTitan TLS root certificate.

Follow these steps to download and import a .pem WebTitan TLS root certificate to Google Workspace.

  1. Replace my.webtitancloud.com with your WebTitan Cloud URL in the following URL: http://my.webtitancloud.com:8080/ssl/ca.pem

  2. Navigate to the updated URL and a certificate file, ca.pem, automatically downloads. Take note of the location of this file on your computer.

  3. Log into your Google Workspace account.

  4. From the main menu go to Devices > Network > Certificates.

  5. Select the OU you want this certificate to be available to. A child OU inherits settings from its parent OU, so in the example below if a certificate is added to OTG-DocsTest-Chromebook it will be inherited by OTG-Students and OTG-Teachers.


  7. Click Upload and select the certificate downloaded in Step 2 above. Click Open.