When the WebTitan Chromebook OTG app is pushed to a Chromebook device the following information is used for successful functioning of the application:

  • The username and email address of the current logged in user.

  • The OS type and version, IP address and NIC details of the Chromebook device.

  • The logged in user's social account information.

These details are not transferred or sold to any third party.

These user details are specifically used by WebTitan Chromebook OTG to identify the user's device for which web traffic is being filtered and managed. They are securely transmitted to the WebTitan Application using HTTPS.

These details are only available via the WebTitan interface to the administrator of the Chromebook device for the purpose of applying a web filtering policy to the user and/or device.

As an Administrator of Managed Chromebook devices, on deploying the WebTitan Chromebook OTG app you are consenting to the use of this information for the functioning of the application.

The intent of the WebTitan OTG Chromebook app is web protection by preventing users from accessing harmful or inappropriate content. The policy for the filtering of such content is determined by the Chromebook administrator.

The WebTitan Chromebook OTG app does not collect any financial, payment or authentication information, contacts, device location or inventory of other apps from the Chromebook device. It does not use the device microphone or camera.