OTG 2 uses the MSI install file format. Below are some useful msiexec options to know when installing OTG 2.


/qn, /passive or /quiet are required as part of the install script for OTG 2 installation.

  • /i <path_to_installer>: installs OTG 2.

  • /x <path_to_installer|product_code>: uninstalls OTG 2. See Uninstalling OTG 2 for Windows.

  • /qn: Specifies that there is no UI during the installation process.

  • /quiet: Specifies quiet mode, which means there is no user interaction required.

  • /l* <path_to_logfile>: Turns on logging and logs all information, except verbose information (/lv) or extra debugging information (/lx).

Follow this link for more information on msiexec install options: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/msiexec icons8-external-link-32.png