Follow the steps below to upgrade a device from one version of OTG for Windows to a newer version of OTG for Windows. Currently, this upgrade is done by sending a new configuration to your OTG device(s).

If you are upgrading using Intune you can install a newer version of OTG over an existing version of OTG by adding the PREFER_MASTER_CONFIG=true parameter to your install script. See Deploying OTG using Intune.


The steps below are for upgrading from one version of OTG 2 to another version of OTG 2. If you want to move from OTG 1 to OTG 2 see Moving from WebTitan OTG 1 to OTG 2.

To see what version of OTG for Windows is installed on a device, right mouse click on the OTG icon webtitan-logo-small.jpg in the Windows taskbar and click About.

It is recommended that you keep all your installations of OTG on the same version.

  1. Click here to download the latest WebTitan OTG for Windows install file (setup.msi). The current version of OTG for Windows is 2.1.4 .

  2. Save the install file (setup.msi) to a location accessible by the OTG agent via HTTPS.

  3. In WebTitan, add the configuration below edited with your own parameters to your device configuration:

             "args":"/qn /passive /L*V installer_log.log",





    The HTTPS location the OTG agent accesses to grab the setup.msi install file. This is the location you save the install file to in Step 2.


    The OTG 2 for Windows version number that you are upgrading to. To determine this, right mouse click on the setup.msi install file downloaded in Step 1 and go to Properties > Details > Comments.


  4. Once you have saved the above device configuration in WebTitan, the upgrade will be retrieved by your device the next time it connects. The OTG 2 agent syncs with WebTitan every hour, but will also retrieve the latest configuration following a network change, or following a machine power event.