Go to Environment > Devices to view and manage individual devices in WebTitan. When you select a device from the All Devices table you can:

  • Select Export to export all devices as a .csv file.

  • Select the columns icon to display the table column names. Slide each on and off to view or hide a column.

  • Use the search box to enter a search term to search the devices table (results display as you type).

  • To delete a device, select the box beside the device (or devices) and select Delete.

The following information is available for each device:

  • Device Name: A device name is assigned during OTG installation. It can be edited on the device details page by selecting a device from the table.

  • Device Key: Unique key that identifies this device.

  • User: The user associated with this device.

  • Agent:

  • Device Exception: The device exception applied to this device (if any).

  • Status: Device configuration status.

  • Virtual Location: the location associated with this device.

  • Policy: The policy assigned to this device.

Deleting a Device

Go to Environment > Devices and follow the steps below to delete a device or devices.

  1. Select the box beside the device (or devices) you want to delete and select Delete.

  2. Select Delete to delete the device(s) or Cancel to close the window without deleting.