Go to Content Filtering > Policies to view and manage your custom policies.

  • Use the search box to enter a search term (results display as you type).

  • Select Export to export all policies as a .csv file.

  • Select the columns icon to display the table column names. Slide each on and off to view or hide a column.

  • To delete a policy, select the box beside the policy (or policies) and select Delete.

The following information is available for each policy:

  • Policy: The name assigned to this policy.

  • Description: An optional description of this policy.

  • Location: The location(s) using this policy. If multiple locations are using a policy, one policy name is listed and the number of additional locations using the policy is displayed. To view all locations, select the policy to view the Policy Details page and select the Locations tab to view all locations.

  • Last Updated: Date (month, day, year) this policy was last edited.