Static IP is the most common location type, where the location has a static (fixed) public IP address. Once you add your static IP, this configures WebTitan to accept DNS requests only from that IP address.


WebTitan accepts a single IPv4 for a static IP location.

Follow these steps to add a static IP location:

  1. Go to Environment > Locations and click Add.

  2. Select Static IP and the Add Location (Static IP) window displays:

  3. Enter details for this Static IP Location:

    • Location Name: Give this location a name. For example, Main Office.

    • Description: Enter an optional description.

    • IP Address: Enter your IP address. You can enter a single IPv4 or IPv6 address, or a range of IPv4 addresses as a CIDR block e.g.

    • Policy: Select Inherited or Specific:

      • Inherited: Select this option to apply a policy in order of precedence. See Order of Precedence for Policies.

      • Specific: Select this option to choose a custom policy already created in Content Filtering > Policies.


      If a user of this location can be identified, then any specific group or user policy will take priority over the location policy.

  4. Select Add.