Why can’t I log in to WebTitan?

We are upgrading customers on a phased basis to our latest release – WebTitan Errigal (5.02), bringing you a newly designed, modern user interface for WebTitan. Before upgrading, we sent a number of emails, however, if you missed them you may already have been upgraded - please keep reading for information on what to do now.


Before being upgraded, two emails were sent to the WebTitan licensee email address with details of the upgrade, what changes to expect and what needed to be done in preparation. Please check the relevant inbox for these emails now, checking the spam folder in case they were blocked.

What is my WebTitan login page?

The new version of WebTitan has an upgraded interface and logs in from a different URL. Check if you can log into the new WebTitan version now, using this example format to apply to your own login page: 

The new WebTitan login page looks like this: 



Please read on if you can access the login page, but your credentials do not work.

Has my username changed?

Less secure usernames have been updated as part of this upgrade to email standard usernames, such as name@example.com. Your WebTitan username has changed if you previously logged into WebTitan Cloud using:

  • The username admin, or
  •  A username that is not in the standard email format of name@example.com.

If you have a username of either type listed above, this changed as part of your upgrade to an email standard username, such as username@example.com. Your email standard username is created by combining your current username and the domain listed in your WebTitan licensing information email field at the time of upgrade.



If you previously logged in to WebTitan Cloud with the username admin, and the email field in your licensing information is john.doe@example.com, your new email standard username will become wtc_admin@example.com.

Passwords and two-factor authentication remain the same. 

If you have tried logging in using the information above, but are unsuccessful, please open a ticket with us.

I can’t recover my password / I’ve forgotten my username

The upgraded WebTitan requires you to enter your SMTP server to recover passwords. If you can’t recover your password, reach out to your admin and enquire if the SMTP settings are up-to-date.

The WebTitan block page is not displaying / I’m getting a block page certificate error

Information on updating your SSL certificate was sent prior to your upgrade. Please read on to take action now to resolve any certificate error you are experiencing.


To improve security, WebTitan SSL certificates have been upgraded to a 4096-bit format. If you previously deployed a WebTitan Cloud certificate to your endpoints, you must now deploy the new WebTitan certificate now to ensure your user experience is uninterrupted. If you do not deploy the new certificate, your users will not see a block page if they visit a blocked website after your upgrade. Old and new certificates can coexist without any issues.


For information on updating certificates, see https://support.titanhq.com/en/33007-certificates.html.

Are WebTitan OTG users affected?

If you are running OTG 1 on users' endpoints in your environment, these endpoints will need the new cert deployed, they will not fetch the new certificate automatically.

If you are running Windows OTG 2, these endpoints will automatically fetch the new certificate, however, it is ok to push the certificate to these endpoints also.