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WebTitan POC Build

When you receive a Webtitan Build request, ensure that the request is coming from the sales eng team and that they are using the ticket template. This process will ensure that the information you are receiving is accurate and helps us prevent errors.



Trac - Terraform

  1. Go to Trac > Server List > Terraform
  2. Click the +ADD button to create a new record
  3. Fill out the form:
    1. Customer: the short name of the domain. For example, if the email address is "lee.vaniderstine@happierit.com", use happierit for the customer
    2. Organization: The company name in sugar
    3. Email: Contact email showed in Sugar
    4. Timezone: Leave Timezone as default
    5. Region: Choose the region indicated in the build ticket
    6. Reporting Disk size: This is the size of the reporting station - by default is 250 -check Sales Eng notes
    7. Reporting Machine Type: indicated in the build sheet 
    8. Ticket Link: Link to build ticket
  4. Click Save 


  • Login to AWS
  • Change the Region on the top right corner to the region where you are creating the servers
  • Use the filters to search for the servers you just made. Note: search for the
  • Identify the IPv4 Public IP - take note of the
  • Identify the Name - take note of them
If you can't find your server in the list check 2POC Pipe Line to identify any issues.

Server Configurations

Recreate the vhosts.conf settings so that it has the correct settings for port 7771, on both nodes.

  1. login to the server
  2. become su
  3. run the following command:
/usr/local/bin/reghttpcfg.php -d

Expected output:

upd-def-mach-ssl:[9608]: SSL: HTTPS self signed certificate generated OK
reg-http-cfg:[9606]: Regeneration OK


openssl s_client -connect <IP>:7771 -servername <IP>

Expected output:

depth=0 C = IE, ST = Galway, L = Galway, O = TitanHQ (build-in), OU = Engineering Department, CN = <IP>
verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate
verify return:1
depth=0 C = IE, ST = Galway, L = Galway, O = TitanHQ (build-in), OU = Engineering Department, CN = <IP>
verify error:num=27:certificate not trusted
verify return:1
depth=0 C = IE, ST = Galway, L = Galway, O = TitanHQ (build-in), OU = Engineering Department, CN = <IP>
verify error:num=21:unable to verify the first certificate
verify return:1

Change admin password to a -stronger- password:  Don't use admin / hiadmin for the user name and password. 

cat /dev/urandom | env LC_CTYPE=C tr -dc a-zA-Z0-9 | head -c 16; echo

Update the password via the database.

Run the following commands on both nodes:

psql titax pgsql

UPDATE admins SET password = bcrypt(md5('_ThePasswordYouGeneratedAbove_')) WHERE username = 'admin';


Test the login to ensure that it's working

Change the retention period to 30 days on both nodes:

psql titax titax -c "update interface set log_period = 30;"

Update to v4.16: 

These action needs to be performed on each node!

  1. Become su
  2. Run the following chain of commands:
    1. The following commands will download any hotfixes available, download the upgrade script, start the upgrade to the latest version.
      /usr/local/bin/wt-hotfix.sh;psql -Upgsql titax -c "select version from updates;";wget -O /usr/local/bin/wtc-upgrade.sh https://wtcdownload.titanhq.com/misc/wtc-upgrade.sh ;chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wtc-upgrade.sh;/usr/local/bin/wtc-upgrade.sh;
    2. The following command will check if the cron is running
      ps auxwww | grep cron
    3. The following command will print if there were errors
      grep "install" /var/log/webtitan.log | grep -v 0$
    4. If you are on the MAIN NODErun this command:
    5. If you are on the SECONDARY NODE, run this command (after is updated to the latest version):
  3. Log in to each server and make sure that you are on version 4.16

Test the Build

On the Main node:

  1. Go to Customer Settings > Accounts
  2. Click Add...
  3. Fill out the information:
    1. Account Name: TitanHQ Test
    2. Email: put your email address
    3. Description: Test
    4. License: Test 
    5. Password: <create a strong password> not needed for future
    6. Click Save
  4. Impersonate the account
  5. Go to Policies > Policies
  6. Edit the default Policy
  7. Block category Alcohol
  8. Go to Settings Locations > Static IP and add your public IP as a new location (for testing pourposes
    1. Keith - Advised that bastion IP should be used instead? Which is

The following commands will send these requests to the WebTitan and will return either the I.P of the web page or the I.P of the WebTitan is blocked.
These requests will also appear in the reporting of the WebTitan as blocked or allowed.
The Sleep 300 command allows 5 minutes for the Cluster to sync.

dig facebook.com @examplename.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig budwieser.com @examplename.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig heineken.com @examplename.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig instagram.com @examplename.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;

dig facebook.com @examplename-r2-rs.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig budwieser.com @examplename-r2-rs.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig heineken.com @examplename-r2-rs.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;
dig instagram.com @examplename-r2-rs.webtitancloud.com +short; sleep 2;

^ @examplename -> modify as per the company/link you are using

or on a computer, change the resolvers and point them to the server you just created.

Navigate to:

On the main node, go to Reporting > History, you should see the allowed and blocked entries there.

Now, connect to the secondary node.

  • Go to Customer Settings > Accounts
    • You should see the account you created on the main node there
  • Impersonate the account
  • Go to Reporting > History
    • You should see the allowed and blocked entries there.

Mark the tests as completed on the excel sheet.

Reply to the customer on the ticket.

When replying, use the canned response available filling out the fields with the information you have gathered along with the server build.,

The Canned response should be filled out as below:

Your POC system is now available:
URL = https://<webtitancloudhotsname>:8443
Email = admin
Password = <New password created>
IPs for DNS Forwarding:
Primary: <MainServerIP>
Secondary: <SecondServIP>
To get set up, simply follow the below steps.
• Go to the Customer Settings tab and create an account
• Impersonate the newly created account
• Go to the Settings > Locations tab and add your External IP
• Go to the Policies tab and edit your policy
• Redirect your DNS to {PRIMARY IP} & {SECONDARY IP}
Here is our admin guide:

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