Transparent Proxy:
WebTitan can be set up to operate as a transparent proxy by going to the System Setup > Proxy tab and enabling ' WCCP\Transparent Proxy'. Note that for transparent proxying, an IP address for the router is not required.

Externally to WebTitan, network traffic must be directed to the appliance by either using a network device or configuring the client browser to use WebTitan as a default gateway as follows.
- Open up Network Connections
- Right click the Network and select properties.
- Then select the correct protocol (Internet Protocol Version 4)
- Then click the properties button and enter in the 'Default gateway' field the IP address of the WebTitan appliance.

To configure WebTitan to act in conjunction with a Cisco router using WCCP version 2 you enable WCCP by going to the System Setup > Proxy tab and enabling 'WCCP\Transparent Proxy'.
After enabling WCCP, you must enter the address of the WCCP enabled Cisco router that you want to use.
You must then consult your Cisco router manual to determine how to configure it for WCCP.